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Archive : Episode 59 - Justices

Episode 59

Page 647 - Honour thy father unless he wants to kill you.

Page 648 - Brother Ezriphael seems to have his head screwed on right.

Page 649 - Happy Halloween!

Page 650 - Losing Faith

Page 651 - Someone's been bad... everyone on the page, in fact.

Page 652 - Bad dog!

Page 653 - To be fair, being rescued by someone dressed like that is bound to be scary.

Page 654 - Scream thy last scream

Page 655 - Don't try this at home

Page 656 - Wisdom sometimes comes wearing a kinky superhero outfit.

Page 657 - Going by the claws, I hope you've been good this year

Page 658 - This is not just an excuse to get them to dance for you

Page 659 - Intermission: Dorcan pinup

Page 660 - Definitely better than No Deal

Page 661 - Trying to de-soul a bounty hunter won't get you on their good side.

Page 662 - Now the Brothers will have to clean the carpet.

Page 663 - Thanks for reading! And deepest thanks to Ren and Merlin, without whom this would never have been possible.

Page 664 - Project Future II - The Epsilon Project starts here

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