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343 - Good news from the realm of the dead

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2014/11/26 - Heads You Lose

Jakob doesn't seem to catch a break. Then again, if he did, the story would be a lot shorter.

2014/11/24 - Epsilon

Richard continues to create a scene without trying. In other news, there's a rather nice rendition of one of the Fox Guards here: Fox Guard by Ahro on Furaffinity


You are reading page 343 of Project Future, a weekly strip inspired by Amber Williams' DMFA.

Oops, this one doesn't even have a date. Ah well, I'm going to remaster this chapter in high-res once it's finished. This has now been done to the first chapter of Heads You Lose, by the way.

So yeah, Epsilon continues Monday, and Wednesday is 'Heads You Lose' this week, unless work kills me or something.


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