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475 - Impostor!

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2017/05/29 - The Epsilon Project

Still at Confuzzled so again things might be a little out of spec as I'm not using my usual scripts.

Title by Sofox, whom I have been constantly pestering for help getting in and out of the Daryil costume.

2017/05/27 - To Catch a Demon

Okay, after this page I think we can get on to the more serious business of explaining what Jakob sees in Daxxon.
Title by Sofox - updated at Confuzzled so if things are wonky it's because I'm not using my usual system.


You are reading page 475 of Project Future, a weekly strip inspired by Amber Williams' DMFA.

That can't be good.

'To Catch a Demon' might be updating late. Epsilon is ready to roll but I'll be at Confuzzled so the update might go a little strange anyway owing to distractions and such.

If you're attending, look out for Lord Daryil, sporting a revised head from Made by Mercury, plus a suitably outrageous costume.

If anyone's interested, some kind soul has created a TV Tropes entry for Project Future. So if anyone wants to help flesh it out, that would be nice.


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