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532 - Filler while Merlin recovers

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2018/06/15 - Epsilon Filler

No comic yet, but Merlin has perked up enough to draw a cute picture of Daryil and Simeon snuggling. So there is that.

Sadly we don't get to see most of the PF couples having quality time together because they're usually shown at work.

2018/06/15 - Filler

As mentioned, Merlin is taking a break to recover from various sources of anxiety. While she seems to be improving, I'm not sure quite when we're going to be back on track and I'm certainly not going to rush her. So here's a chibi of Daryil, complete with Pride flag.

There will be an update for Epsilon, but it will most likely be filler unless a miracle happens.

2018/06/13 - The Harvest

Okay, that's the prologue of Harvest done and dusted. The next chapters will not be so short.

In important news, Merlin is really having a bad time at the moment, between overwork, health and more family drama, she's having to put comics on hold for a while and take a break.
Hopefully things will be resolved soon and she'll be back on her feet, but until then we are likely to miss updates or end up running filler instead.

Take care, Merlin!

2018/06/11 - The Epsilon Project

Tenets was skipped this week owing to Merlin doing overtime. It's the busy season for her department so there are likely to be other delays and cancellations too over the next few weeks. However, we have updated Epsilon and last week's epsiode of Harvest has now been coloured too.


You are reading page 531 of Project Future, a weekly strip inspired by Amber Williams' DMFA.

Merlin is now having a crunch at work, so Tenets is unlikely to be updating this week unless a miracle occurs. For that matter I'm not sure about Epsilon either - worst case I may post the sketch as it's pretty good for a draft layout.

If anyone's interested, some kind soul has created a TV Tropes entry for Project Future. So if anyone wants to help flesh it out, that would be nice.


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