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  • Name: Katherine Beatrix Imenwati-Jyraneth

  • Nicknames: Keaton, Notaek, Kate, Jane Keaton

  • Race/Species: Jackal/Fennec Succubus

  • Age: 669

  • Facebook: Commander Phillip Ashford

  • Occupation: Personal Assistant to Commander Ashford

  • Introduced: Strip #33

  • Diet: Suffering, Marshmallow Peeps, Schadenfreude

  • Clan Affiliation: Jyraneth

  • General info: You wouldn't like her when she's happy.

    Keaton is one of the few survivors of a particularly violent and brutal 'Cubi clan. Having lost most of her family and spending several centuries as a prisoner of a rival clan, she has become bitter, twisted and desperate.

    Keaton does not have a problem with consuming the souls of her victims, and although deep down she may recognise that it is wrong, she believes that it is the only way she can keep herself strong enough to avoid the fate of her clan-mates.

    Keaton's main obsession is with locating any survivors of the Jyraneth Massacre.

  • Trivia:
    • Keaton studied in SAIA for a while, mainly to see if any other Jyraneth would enrol there. Later she stormed out in grief when she realised it might never happen.
    • She has a warp-aci named Xianxi.
    • Keaton is prejudiced against Angels.
    • Her real clan mark is on the left side of her pelvis, but she also has the marking branded into her shoulders as a show of loyalty to her Founder.
    • Keaton's clan founder has not been heard of since the fall of the clan nearly six centuries ago. However, since her surviving children have heads upon their wing-tentacles - an effect which ceases if their founder dies - it would seem that she is still alive.
    • Like all members of her clan, Keaton - for all her evil deeds towards adults - has been brought up to believe that children are sacred, and would never harm them.
    • Keaton is a cameo character.

  • Updated: 21/10/2011

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