Project Future

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Johan Cross Era (930-1890)

Turning a new Page

Turning a New Page (930-1590)

The life of Lord Page, and his impact on Jakob Pettersohn

Heads You Lose

Heads You Lose (1605)

Mourning for his lost mentor, Jakob goes for a walk in the woods. Not wise when you have wings.

Niall's Story

Niall's Story (1687) [Hiatus]

Niall Cartwright grows up in a rough district (Nearly complete, but on hiatus)

Strange Bedfellows

Strange Bedfellows (1687)

Lord Cross is visited by someone even scarier than he is

Red Valentine

Red Valentine (1790)

Neremath and his young wife are visited by thieves


Emily (1890)

The adventures of a snow leopard warrior in Victorian-era Furrae

The DMFA Era (1960-1990)

A walk in the woods

A Walk in the Woods (1960)

Jakob goes for another walk in the woods, but with 350 years more experience

Critical Mass

Critical Mass (1980)

Jakob goes to church, only to have trouble follow him

The Dark Angel

Dark Angel (1985)

Jakob poses as an adventurer to film an interview, and promptly goes on an adventure.

The Harvest

The Harvest (1989)

Aisha DeCabre goes hunting demons

Innocence, Guilt and Change

Innocence, Guilt and Change (circa 1990)

Aisha DeCabre finds herself getting drawn into more intrigue


DMFA (circa 1990) [Ongoing]

By Amber Williams. Not my comic at all, but the setting is derived from it. Project Future is kind of a DMFA fanfic that grew into its own thing.

The Project Future Era (2140-)

Project Future

Project Future (2140-2141)

Long thought dead, Jakob has actually been engaging in forbidden research. This was the main story, and runs for 59 chapters or about 664 pages.

The Tuppenny Man

The Tuppenny Man (2141)

Niall is kidnapped. This happens near the end of the Project Future comic (and was originally chapter 58)

The Axeman Cometh

The Axeman Cometh (2141)

While the events of Project Future take place, Illiath is sent to execute some people in a medieval backwater

Fishing Trip

Fishing Trip (2157)

A young incubus goes on a fishing trip with his father

...To catch a Demon...

To Catch a Demon (2164)

Jakob finds true love, if he can stop them being executed

The Epsilon Project

The Epsilon Project (2165) [Ongoing]

The sequel to Project Future, and currently the front-page comic. Ongoing but is likely to run for about 65 chapters.

Dark Lord Rising

Dark Lord Rising (2165)

A bunch of misfits go on a quest rather like Lord of the Rings, but with a bit more car theft.

The Bounty Project

The Bounty Project (2170)

This shorter story explores how the adventuring industry adatps to the information age. (ongoing story as of this writing)

I, Panther

I, Panther (2170)

Niall has to employ robopsychology on a wayward cyberjaguar

Zeta takes a Trip

Zeta takes a Trip (2170) [Ongoing]

Zeta is called upon to rescue an ancient realm


Xerian (2173) [Ongoing]

Xerian the Synth finds himself in a horribly violent world (ongoing story as of this writing)


Book of Tenets

The Book of Tenets

A companion and reference guide rather than a story, it doesn't really have a time period, but the documentary was filmed in 2165.

Short Stories

Short Stories [Updates Randomly]

A collection of whimsical short stories, mostly set in the Project Future era. Updates randomly.


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