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Archive : Episode 48 - Consequences

Episode 48

Page 508 - Like father, like son

Page 509 - Lord Daryil's manic trick

Page 510 - "Before he dropped it, Daryil had another 14'999'999'999'984'896'207'765'073 molecules left to count"

Page 511 - "Did they push him down the well?" -Ren

Page 512 - Page 512. Shift one to the right, and we'll be talking about Werrew the Usurper again.

Page 513 - Takes one to know one

Page 514 - In this jurisdiction, a 'life sentence' is based around Being lifespans.

Page 515 - Filler - forgotten but not gone

Page 516 - 10th Anniversary - "After creating Jakob and Daryil and being chastised for them lacking colour, Tapewolf spent the rest of his comic career trying to make up for it"

Page 517 - Unlike Daryil, Jakob does not wear those gloves habitually. But he does wear them.

Page 518 - With gloves like that, 'squeaky clean' is an apt turn of phrase

Page 519 - 'I'll pay reasonable expenses, but no, I will not front you $300 to spend on extremely dangerous drugs'

Page 520 - Filler: Tailzilla

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